About the Trainer

With over three years experience working with rescue and ex rescue dogs, highly trained assistance dogs and unruly family pets, I have gained varied and broad skills which will set you and your dog up for success. Dealing with issues such as dog or human reactivity, over excitement, anxiety fear or nervousness, poor recall or general obedience or even full on aggression can be daunting for any dog owner, but I can help you overcome these issues. With my unique and relaxed approach, along with a passion for all dogs, I will help to provide you and your pets with a happier, calmer and more loving relationship. With qualifications covering Animal First Aid, Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation, Canine Body Language, Puppy Development and several more, I will combine my knowledge and experience to provide you with an in depth, fully bespoke and comprehensive training experience that offers amazing results.

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Craig with Sam and his son.

A dog is only part of your world, for your dog you are it's whole world

A story to show just what we mean to them

Capitan the Dog Hero

The bond between dog and master goes beyond the grave, as evidenced by Capitán's unyielding loyalty to his master Miguel Guzmán, from Argentina. Capitán went missing for a few days, but he was eventually found lying in the cemetery next to Guzmán's resting place.

The remarkable part about this story is that Miguel died in a hospital, and his body was taken to a funeral home far away from where he lived. Capitán had never been to the cemetery before.

The first time the funeral director saw Capitán, he arrived at the cemetery alone. The dog did a few laps through the tombstones before finding his master's grave — all on his own. Capitán continues to visit his old master every single day, at 6:00 p.m., like clockwork.

Perhaps we should all remember this the next time we get annoyed at our canine companions for missing us after two minutes out the room.