Our Mission

Craig's mission is a simple one, to help as many people and dogs as possible. The mission for Paws Dog as a whole is to create a plethora of dogs who are calm, happy and confident in any scenario and who allow their owners the ability to live a life of freedom safe in the knowledge their dogs are able to withstand anything that comes at them.

Our History

With over 7 years experience of working with dogs, Craig has never lost the passion for what he does. Even more now than ever, he is determined to help where others may have failed. Craig has earned a reputation of success. Working with all breeds and ages of dogs, Paws Dog and Craig have worked with thousands of dogs who are all now living an amazing life as a happy family pet. Craig's commitment and experience make him a force to be reckoned with in the face canine adversities, having tackled dangerous rescue dogs from abroad, trained assistance dogs, participated in prison programs training young offenders, amongst many many other things. Craig is fully equipped to ensure your dog gets to where it needs to be.

Craig also has a huge passion for fitness, having ran his own PT & Coaching business for over 15 years. This experience also means he is an incredibly approachable and friendly person to work with. He is someone who listens to what you want for your dog, and then puts the plans in place in the form of homework to ensure the desired outcomes are a success. Throughout his life Craig has served in the British Army, ran clubs and bars across the country, built a number of successful businesses, and along the way never once lost his passion or love for dogs. It is this passion that led him to choose a completely different career and how Paws Dog was born. This career move was the result of years of careful consideration, training, education and experience and was not taken lightly. Paws Dog has since grown into the number one Training & Behaviour organisation in the North of Scotland. With plans already in place to expand the business, it seems the sky is the limit for this thriving organisation... so watch this space.