Our Mission

As we said, we have big dreams. It is our hope that through spreading the message of true positive reinforcement training, it will one day become the standard go-to training method for anyone interested in working with or owning a dog. There are still far too many dog trainers out there who find punishing or bullying a dog into doing what its told is the best way to train it. That is something we strongly disagree with. As such all of our training is purely reward based positive reinforcement. This means that we want the dog to choose, and also be happy, to do whatever it is we are asking of it. When more people see that this method is the best, it is our hope that the word will spread and no more dogs will have to beaten or bullied into submission at the hands of their owners and their trainers.

Our History

Although this is a new endeavour, Craig has been training and working with dogs for several years. Having participated in the UK’s very first assistance dog project for people living with dementia, as well as volunteered and worked with the UK’s very first community and prison based rescue dog charity. He is fully equipped to deal with any issue that you may have at home.

Craig comes from a health & fitness background having run his own Personal Training business for 12 years. But he has always been massively passionate about animals and dogs in particular. It is this passion that led him to choose a completely different career path at the age of 35. This career move is the result of years of careful consideration, training, education and experience and was not taken lightly. However, armed with skills he has gained from industry giants such as Steve Mann and his Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, along with the unique experience of the assistance and rescue dog work, his passion only continues to grow with each dog he helps.